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Alicia & Stan's Wedding

We loved the style and glamour of the venue, as well as its spacious interior and superb food.

Alicia and Stan celebrated their vows at ZINC on a perfect Saturday evening in November. A gorgeous couple - easily mistaken for professional models – had permanent smiles of love and happiness on their faces the moment they walked through the glass doors of the venue. 

Alicia & Stan under the cloud lighting at their ZINC wedding

ZINC’s contemporary look and furnishings fit perfectly with the couple’s modern monochromatic theming. From the bride’s dress, a stunning Baccini and Hill gown featuring dark silver beading and a long, luxurious train; to the hint of red dotted through the decorations; their reception was elegant and striking.

Alicia & Stan's wedding - ZINC wedding layout

Photo opportunities were plentiful during Alicia and Stan’s elegant reception. ZINC, located in the heart of the city, offered magnificent views of the Yarra, a lush garden setting and a romantic city backdrop. 
“We loved the style and glamour of the venue, as well as its spacious interior and superb food,” said Alicia.

ZINC modern weddings Melbourne venue

The newlyweds’ menu was tailored to suit their specific requirements, a necessity for the couple. Their feast included an alternate entrée, an alternate main, and three varieties of decadent desserts. 

There were many special moments throughout the day, one in particular stood out to the bride - “Our wedding dance involved the whole wedding party! I had always dreamed about our dance being a major highlight of the day, and it was!” 

Alicia and Stan enjoyed their celebration as much their guests, and shamelessly describe it as “the perfect day”.


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